Can’t Believe I Saw This – Old School Arby’s Neon Sign

When I Googled where the nearest Arby’s was in relation to my house, I groaned when the ETA said 20+ minutes. Little did I know the treasure I would find. Food was delicious, went with the Arby Melt as Eat This, Not That recommends. Couldn’t avoid the delicious potato cakes, however.

Eating Clean Week Day 3 Recap: Spoiler – J’s Wins

If you lived in the Lehigh Valley through the 1980’s and 1990’s, you were familiar with J’s Cheesesteaks and Subs. Amoroso’s rolls, or a very close imitator, book-ending fresh cold-cuts, cut thin, with stringy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, oil, vinegar, and I get mustard on mine. The cheesesteaks may even be better. I didn’t stand a…