Who is Ian Riccaboni?

I am married to the woman of my dreams, Sarah, and we live with our son Zach and daughter Nora in Allentown, PA in Salisbury Township, the school district that my grandmother helped build, my father, aunts, and uncles went to, and a place I am really proud to graduate from.

I am an Account Director responsible for Access and Reimbursement call centers with over 50 people under my umbrella, focusing on oncology and neurology therapies and solutions to get those affected on therapy at little or no cost.

I am also the lead broadcaster for Ring of Honor Wrestling, the second-largest professional wrestling company in North America. My experiences in broadcasting have spanned analyzing baseball on cable TV and now serving as a Pit Announcer for the World Armwrestling League.

My passion is improving access to things people need – my current role in pharmaceuticals is a dream job as it gives me and my team the opportunity to make medicine more accessible to all. I’m simultaneously living my other dream, to be on sports television. I can’t do both without the support of my friends and family. Through my jobs and hobbies, I have gone places I would have never dreamed of and have met people I never expected to meet.

It has been extremely flattering to have been featured in such outlets like ESPN, USA Today, International Business Times, and more. These features are pro wrestling-centric but you can check them out, here:

Ian Riccaboni, voice of Ring of Honor, featured on ESPN.comIan Riccaboni featured in Slam! Sports.International Business Times

Ian Riccaboni featured on USA Today's For the Win.
Ian Riccaboni featured on USA Today’s For the Win.

At one point or another, I have collected just about everything and I maintain a laundry list of hobbies. My favorite activities include flea market and yard sale hopping in search of LPs and collecting vintage baseball cards.

This is my personal blog, and I do not update it as much as I’d like to. You can always find me on Twitter!

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