New Year’s Workout Playlist

Yesterday, talked briefly about how you can become a better gym-goer. Today, here is a playlist for 2018 to help you kick things into gear – check it out!


This Week In Workout Playlists: June 14, 2011

With the Phillies winning three in a row and about to make it four tonight with Cole Hamels on the hill tonight, I went with a heavily Philly-influenced, Philly-artist playlist for my upcoming trip to the gym. All the links are YouTube links for the accompanying music video; artist links direct to Wikipedia.

This Week In Workout Playlists: June 7, 2011

Trying to keep the energy up this week with some 90’s alternative and dance hits, tossed lightly with 2000’s alternative jams. Not everything is genre specific, however. According to my iPod, here is what carried through some intense cardio and legs yesterday:

As you can gather from the music, very interesting workout yesterday.  Will make some adjustments and regroup for tonight’s workout. As always, you can follow my bodybuilding progress at my profile. Over 45 lbs. lost and kept off since January 2010!