When Pete Orr plays, the Phillies win.

Phillies' Success When Playing Pete Orr

Or maybe not, actually. By winning tonight, the Phillies are 24-12 and likely would not have won without Pete Orr’s two key doubles. The stat that amazes me is that the Phillies are 9-11 when Pete Orr plays and just 15-1 when he doesn’t.  This is obviously due to a number of factors: game is already out of hand when Pete Orr enters the game, i.e. April 5, 2011 against the Mets, or even that Orr is brought in in a close game and the Phils just cannot muster a comeback despite Pete Orr getting a hit (I’m looking at you May 8, 2011 versus Atlanta). Being the Pete Orr super-fan I am, I hope to see more of number 5, but I have a feeling his time will decrease even more when number 26 returns. Particularly considering the stat Matt Gelb dropped today on Twitter:

That’s right: the Phillies currently have a .666 winning percentage, and the best record in the Majors, despite getting the lowest production in the league from second base and catcher. Ruiz and Utley cannot return soon enough.