Chooch Bobblehead = Thank You Chris

You know you have really good friends when you’re unable to go to a Phillies’s game a year prior and they remind you that they picked you up an extra Carlos Ruiz bobble-head stadium giveaway and give it to you without asking for anything in return. Thanks Chris!


When Pete Orr plays, the Phillies win.

Phillies' Success When Playing Pete Orr

Or maybe not, actually. By winning tonight, the Phillies are 24-12 and likely would not have won without Pete Orr’s two key doubles. The stat that amazes me is that the Phillies are 9-11 when Pete Orr plays and just 15-1 when he doesn’t.  This is obviously due to a number of factors: game is already out of hand when Pete Orr enters the game, i.e. April 5, 2011 against the Mets, or even that Orr is brought in in a close game and the Phils just cannot muster a comeback despite Pete Orr getting a hit (I’m looking at you May 8, 2011 versus Atlanta). Being the Pete Orr super-fan I am, I hope to see more of number 5, but I have a feeling his time will decrease even more when number 26 returns. Particularly considering the stat Matt Gelb dropped today on Twitter:

That’s right: the Phillies currently have a .666 winning percentage, and the best record in the Majors, despite getting the lowest production in the league from second base and catcher. Ruiz and Utley cannot return soon enough.