Happy Birthday, Dan.

"Mom, while you're in there, can you grab me a ginger ale and a new t-shirt?"

Here’s a picture of the world’s most diverse vending machine. Kit-Kats, Asprin… Florida t-shirts?

According to the car, it was 84 degrees outside, shortly after midnight. I’m guessing by the amount of of fog and moisture on the windows of the small building these machines were housed in, it was likely 59 degrees in that building. I went with the Zours myself, can’t say no to anything made in Bethlehem,PA.

It’s a little after midnight and I typed this up while my mom walked Mary and Walter while I drank my mystery “Warm Mocha” from the vending machine. Almost there!


Driving to Florida, in Virginia

My brother Bill was hospitalized yesterday after surviving a heart attack. Right now, I’m riding shotgun next to my mom as we make our way down to Orlando to see him. He sounds in very good spirits but has a few procedures to go. I love you, Bill. We’ll see you soon!

Here are some fun pieces of Americana from our stop in Virginia.