What I’m Jamming To: July 1, 2011

Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” by Squeeze is a song that just when I think I have figured out the meaning, I hear something new in the song that makes me think twice. Anecdotaly, it seems be one of the most mislabeled, misheard songs in the history of music; it is also a song that everyone has probably heard a few times but doesn’t know who it is or what the title of the song is. The song reached 44 on the U.K. charts in May 1980 but did not chart in the U.S. It was released on their 3rd album Argybargy.

If you liked this jam, you may like the following similar jams I’ve been jamming to:

“Metal Guru” – T. Rex

“Have Love, Will Travel” – The Sonics

“Personality Crisis” – The New York Dolls

“Another Girl, Another Planet” – The Only Ones

“Blank Generation” – Richard Hell and the Voidoids


What I’m Jamming To: May 17, 2011

Not originally released in America, this is 1978’s “Another Girl, Another Planet” by the Only Ones, one of the early flag bearers of the power pop, new wave cross-over. This is one of the reasons I love YouTube; where else would this video possibly turn up?