How Punk’s “Missing Link” Can Help Find Your Passion

The Rods, or more famously known now as Eddie and the Rods, were an English pub band often credited for being somewhat of a missing link between rock and roll and punk during the evolution of music in the late 1970s. Their undisputed top, and perhaps only commercial, hit, “Do Anything You Wanna Do”, has become a forgotten anthem relegated to satellite and college radio stations. The terrific music blog, Wilfully Obscure, points out that the meaning of DAYWD for decades has been the subject of debate. Is it an existentialist tune? Is it a working class anthem in the vein of God Save the Queen? Is it a passive aggressive suggestion-to-break-up song? If you’d like, you can draw the conclusions from the lyrics here; however, I see the song as a call and response, a tool to access your current employment situation and if it’s time to change courses. Continue reading “How Punk’s “Missing Link” Can Help Find Your Passion”