Two reasons to give up Halloween.

I love Halloween. The candy, the costumes, the customs. I think one of the reasons I’m so big into Halloween these days is because I never seemed to enjoy it when I was younger. I always picked a costume with a mask, like Batman or the Riddler. The one year, I dressed up in a homemade British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith outfit, complete with sparkly cape and overblown chest plate. But I didn’t really like it. But now, now I love it. This year, I willingly gave it up though. On Thursday, October 30, Katie and I traveled from Penn Station to her home in Burlington, NJ. After she pried me away from Rock Band 2 long enough, we picked up Dan in Allentown. Yesterday, we were among the 2 million who helped usher in the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies back to Citizens Bank Park.

That was reason number one to skip Halloween. Reason number two? The cheap tickets we scored on eBay for the Philadelphia 76ers v. the New York Knicks. Big, early season win for the 76ers. Playoffs this year? I think so.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Nothing says "We just won the World Series!" like a gigantic American flag! USA! USA!

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