President’s Service Award

One of my best days at NYU.

I was very honored and humbled to accept a 2009 President’s Service Award from President John Sexton earlier this week. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Here is a photo of me and the Prez. Looking forward to graduating!

A big shout out also to those who attended the coffee and music event put forth by Junior Class President Barrett Paul. On behalf of Spencer Tricker, I would like to thank him for inviting us to play. It was a whirlwind day!

I performed the following songs:

1.) Close My Eyes

2.) Hustle, Baby!

3.) Eggshells

4.) Lannie, Angel from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Spencer did all of his favorites including Hey Jessica and an awesome version of the Replacements’ Waitress in the Sky. You can check out Spencer on iTunes by clicking here.

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