There is a pumpkin growing in my driveway.

Below, you’ll see a photo of a giant pumpkin and my dachshund, Walter. That was taken a few weeks before Halloween in late September 2009.

A few weeks back, we discovered a large amount of vines emerging from our accidental compost pile made exclusively from grass clippings and the 25 lbs pumpkin purchased from Freddie Hill Farms, also home of the world’s best ice cream. The vines wrapped themselves around the fence and soon sprouted flowers. We now have a giant orange pumpkin growing and a still green pumpkin on the other side. Who knew.

Checking out this page, pumpkin growing is a little tougher than placing a whole, 25 lb pumpkin in a giant pile of grass clippings, letting it set for a winter, and pouring more grass clippings on it in the spring. Apparently, pumpkin growing requires six hours plus of daily sunlight, rich soil, and a lot of water. The page says it’s best to water them often and that they grow well in areas where weeds grow. Oddly, we’ve had little rain. Not coincidentally, we have a lot of weeds. The sun light is definitely plentiful on the giant grass clipping pile. Awesome.

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