I’m sorry Phillies’ fans. I’m the reason we lost on Tuesday.

No, this is not a blog about me going to the game and some how messing up their mojo, although, I am 1-3 this year at CBP, the one win being an away game against Toronto. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch a game at the Bank for at least a few weeks. No, this is something far more sinister. The Phillies did not win on Tuesday night. In fact, they got pounded. It was all my fault.

The rubber bands that fueled my addiction. The alligator is pretty worn out. Sarah and I traded: I got him, she got a triceratops.

On Saturday July 24, Sarah and I ventured to the Quakertown Farmer’s Market, scouring tables at the flea market, enjoying the smells of kettle corn and fresh deli meat, and discussing the nutritional values of almond butter and apple butter. We wandered into R.A. Sports, a nice little sports collectibles store with awesome posters, tons of Phillies’ gear, and cool trinkets. The week before, Sarah and I ventured to Toys R Us to pick up prizes for her campers and so that I could look at the clearanced video games. We both decided that her campers might really like Silly Bandz, the rubber wrist bands that always maintain their original shape. Long story short, we both also decided that WE would like some. I got dinosaurs, Sarah got African safari. We were hooked.

So at R.A. Sports, I walked up to the counter and asked tongue-in-cheek if they sold Phillies’ Silly Bandz. Well, Phillie Phanatic Logo Bandz. And they are

The best $5 I ever spent? Perhaps.

awesome. In addition to the T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Mammoth, and Alligator, on July 24, I started to wear a Green Phanatic, blue Phillies P, white Phillies P, and red Harmon Killebrew/MLB logo. On first glance, the Phillies’ luck since July 24 has been unfortunate: Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard hit the DL. But those things were not enough to keep the team down. Riding a two game winning streak into July 24, the Phils would win 6 more in a row, sweeping the Rockies and Diamondbacks. Only July 29, they acquired former ace Roy Oswalt. They would win 12 of 15 since I purchased and religiously wore my new Phillies’ bands. And then disaster struck.

On the afternoon of August 10, 2010, I went to the gym. It was a pretty good workout, lots of back work, some cardio, and abs. I felt great. I had my dinosaurs on the right and the Phillies’ on the left. I came home and took them off to take a shower. I got out of the shower to take a call from Jay. Jay wanted to go down to the park and shoot hoops, maybe run the floor a little bit. I agreed; I didn’t have that much energy left, but I had already exhausted my other entertainment options. He told me to meet him down at the park in 5, so I just threw on a shirt and walked down. Without my Phillies’ bands. That’s ok, though, right? I mean, it wasn’t the bands that were keeping them going was it?

It must have been. I didn’t return until about 7:30 and by then the Dodgers were on the board. I didn’t really put two and two together, though, until it was too late. Once I had my bands on? Gload hits his second home run, Brown his first career home run. But the damage was done. Ay. Lesson learned. I have my Phillies’ bands on right now. I gave Sarah and Chris a Phanatic, easily the coolest of the bands. Hopefully yesterday’s 2-0 win will put them on the right track again.

Phillies' Logo Bandz. Pretty awesome. I will never take you off again.

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