What I’m Jamming To: June 2, 2011

Is this the greatest song ever written by a 16 year old? It’s possible. It’s also quite possibly the best love song written by anybody, ever, with a back story that nobody can seem to nail down.

Walk Away Renee was written by song-writer Tony Sansone and then 16-year-old-keyboardist Michael Lookofsky of the baroque-pop group The Left Banke in 1966 reaching #5 on the Billboard charts. It is commonly believed it was composed about the object of Lookofsky’s affection: Renee Fladen-Kamm, then-girlfriend of Banke bassist Tom Finn. With impassioned vocals by the other Steve Martin, Lookofsky driving the harpsichord, and Finn and guitarist George Cameron’s beautiful harmonies,  Renee is a haunting piece that strikes universal chords with anyone who has been in love with someone.

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